Interview with Antoine Mouille Real Estate Developer

Please tell me about yourself and your business (area of expertise/focus, type of development work, markets/countries you focus on, etc)?
Hello, my name is Antoine. I have been involved in real estate in Thailand for 25 years - construction, reconstruction and management working with Assist Properties.
Please describe your partnership with Real Pool - why have you decided to partner together?
Our cooperation is built exclusively in the area of ​​mutual interests based on common approaches to life and business running. Vlad is interested in investing in high-quality long-term projects with high ROI, and that’s what my projects are. To move forward, such projects require investments, so Vlad covered those demands with his own funds.
What type of real estate projects do you plan to offer to Real Pool investors?
We are currently offering investors an opportunity to invest and buy pool villas in Natai, which is located just north of Phuket in Thailand, in the so-called billionaire's area. It’s a very special location with great infrastructure and access to the ocean (900 meters walk).
Eight villas are in the first stage and seven are in the second stage. Asking price of each villa is around $900K for a completely finished villa. These villas are very versatile in that they can be used as a second home or considered a flip sale or long-term rental and of course. There is a justified high ROI thanks to an early investment agreement through Real Pool.
What are the main reasons a first time buyer would want to buy property in Thailand?
Main reason would be because they don’t want to stay in their own country (at least for a period of time/winter) and are looking for a friendly, cost effective location. Thailand is well known for its welcoming feeling, safe environment, great food and low cost of living.
In terms of financials, the best reason to buy is simply because this is not a saturated area and is emerging as a top tourist destination, simply because it is next to Phuket. As everyone knows, Thailand is famous as a holiday destination and the rental market in Phuket is booming, so I believe Natai will benefit as well. The rental rate can be 3 times more expensive than prior COVID.
What are the main risks a potential investor looking to buy a property abroad would face?
The main risk is a “scam” from so-called ‘friends’ or a local pretending to have the rights but doesn’t. It is very important to bring a third party in the investment scheme who can exclusively work on your behalf, and be knowledgeable enough about land title and ownership rights.
A lawyer may be the best option, however some of them could try to guide you into an “illegal” legal way to proceed with an investment, which would create many problems for you.
In this case, the solution would be to have a partner who offers transparency, provides all the data, and brokers with real estate developers like me. Having a partner like Real Pool would reduce risk and help investors buy properties at lower rates but without hidden costs. And, I think Real Pool knows trustworthy lawyers and other partners locally who will be able to guide them through all the potential issues.
What advice do you have for an investor looking to buy in 2024?
A successful return on investment is usually made when the re-sale of the property happens, often after 5- 10 years of ownership. Unless a pure investment, not for the own investor use, yearly rental could return more than 60% of the investment within 10 years
My advice would be to first study the market where the investment will be made, preferably in an area with expected economic growth.
When would it be?
Preferably in the beginning or middle of the growth. But not after everyone else invested in it.
Best advice I have to mitigate risk is to invest in a serious development instead of a private property. The developer team shall be along the investor side and has an interest in the owner succeeding.
Do you have any other projects in the pipeline which you plan to offer through Real Pool in the near future?
We have several projects in different stages of development which we will soon make available on Real Pool. One is a 5 star hotel and apartment projects, and the other is a luxury villas project on the 1st line of the Coast.
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