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What is Realpool?
Real estate is one of the world’s largest industries, pooling interest from individuals all across the globe. International real estate has exceeded $379 trillion (2022) in value, yet lacks an intuitive platform to guide and advise individuals looking to build their portfolio.

RealPool was created to serve as a one-stop-shop partner in international real estate investing. Born from a team of professional consultants who specialize in financial and tax planning, asset management, and real estate, RealPool specializes in every aspect of the transaction.
With intuitive, streamlined technology, the real estate investment process has never been easier. RealPool subscribers get premier access to real estate projects and end-to-end support through deal negotiations.

Looking to get acquainted with the world of international real estate or simply expand your growing portfolio? RealPool is your trusted advisor, experienced agent, and business partner.

Our target markets are Thailand, Montenegro, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Portugal, with plans to expand in the near future.
How it works
Subscribers have exclusive access to browse detailed descriptions of each real estate project – condos, apartments, villas, single family homes, and more. The Realpool team selects each property with care, and conducts thorough analysis, due diligence, and forecasting.

Each project will pool 4-10 investors prior to kickoff
Interested parties will receive additional information about the property, including any and all service and sales contracts, and have the option for an in-person property visit and personalized consultation with a Realpool advisor.
The Realpool advisors work to negotiate an undermarket agreement in order to secure the best deal, and manage the entire transaction from start to finish.
Become the proud owner of a carefully curated real estate asset, title in hand.
Welcome to the digital era of property ownership and management.
One of's strengths is implementing digital and crypto solutions for purchasing, owning, and reselling real estate worldwide.
While our 'big daddy' platform is still in the works, All your properties can be fully tokenized onto the blockchain. You can also pay for the properties in cryptocurrency.

This solution simplifies the process for buying real estate while ensuring your assets are fully secured.
Our luxury villa development in Natai, Thailand is being fully tokenized onto the blockchain.
Earn profits through this innovative investment approach.
Learn more about our luxury villa project in Thailand →
The Crypto Era of Real Estate Investing
Customer Stories
  • Darren

    Me and my wife Invested in a project in Italy and, thanks to Vlad and his fund, we received a significant discount from the market price. The only thing I regret is that we did not take advantage of the recommendations on the ownership scheme for US citizens, but plan to in next deal.

  • Franky

    I’m an American living in Japan since 1992 and am beginning to prepare for retirement. Me and my wife and I purchased 12 apartments in Thailand. Two for personal use and the rest for renting and fliping. We’re grateful to Real Pool for helping us find these great apartments.

  • Mathew

    I have known Vladimir since 2008. Thanks to Vladimir I got a second citizenship and permanent residence, and I’ve also changed my corporate structure and personal assets ownership scheme. So I pay less taxes in the US as a result of our real estate investments in Thailand and Europe.

  • Peter

    Together with Real Pool, we did the acquisition of a land plot in Thailand. Still don’t know whether we build a resort there or some other project, but the land value has already risen by 11% in less than 2 years.

The average return on global real estate investments is 10%. Whether your goals are to plan for retirement, own and manage multiple rental properties, flip properties, or acquire a second home, these investments promise more security and greater returns than any other avenue. Unlike stocks or bonds, offers an opportunity to become a property owner, free to leverage or utilize the investment property in any way that best suits your goals.
As a subscriber or better say, Partner, you get premier access to a variety of properties across the globe. Each investment project is packaged and designed to provide every subscriber with cost, time, and energy savings. We’ve done the grunt work for you – once you subscribe, the information is in your hands, and we’re here every step of the way to guide you.
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Our entry level subscription for those looking to browse and learn more about the international real estate market. Scouts have the ability to passively explore Realpool projects without the pressure to commit. This subscription includes:

●    Basic description of the property

●    Basic forecast

●    Purchasing conditions

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Surveyors have full access to all RealPool properties with the power to invest at any time.

●    All benefits and features of the Scout Subscription

●    Detailed forecast

●    Option to instantly buy

●    Status updates on every deal in real time

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Our top tier subscription for those ready to expand their portfolio with the best opportunities. Mogul subscribers are the first to receive information regarding all Realpool properties and upcoming projects.

●   All benefits and features of the Surveyor Subscription

●   First access to prospective property projects before they launch

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