Calling all real estate enthusiast, entrepreneurs, investors !
We are on a mission to open the doors to the world of international real estate investing, welcoming novice and expert investors alike to grow their portfolios. Partnering intuitive technology and offline concierge services, the RealPool platform offers an all-in-one resource designed to simplify what is currently a prohibitively complex process. We provide all subscribers with industry insights in addition to oversight and guidance, which translates into a seamless and low-risk experience for investors.
Real estate is one of the world’s largest industries, as international real estate has exceeded $373 billion in value, yet it lacks an intuitive platform to guide and advise individuals looking to build their portfolio.
RealPool is supported with personalized concierge services that span across every touchpoint of the transaction – from market research to deal negotiation and resale management. Built by fintech, real estate, and tax professionals, the RealPool team enables private buyers from all over the world to invest in properties within conditions that yield exceptional returns.
We’re actively looking to expand our network and form new partnerships. We can’t wait to meet you.
We are currently operating in Thailand, and our next destination point is Montenegro, Italy, Spain, and the U.S., with plans to expand our global footprint as we grow.
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