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Why Invest in Thailand?
Thailand stands out as a unique investment destination, offering exceptional quality of living and abundant investment prospects for foreigners. As a premier tourist hotspot, property owners can capitalize on rental opportunities when their property is not in use.
Discover the Uniqueness of Natai:
Our project in Thailand is strategically situated in one of the most promising areas: Natai Beach in Phang Nga, just 30 minutes from Phuket International Airport.

Natai Beach emerged over 15 years ago as a picturesque, secluded retreat just north of Phuket. Despite development, Natai maintains its tranquil allure, making it an ideal investment location. Notably, it's a mere 30-minute drive from Phuket International Airport, positioning it closer than many properties currently available in Phuket.

Luxury villas and resorts have been steadily developed in Natai, indicating a growing market and promising future property valuations. Notable establishments in the area include Sava Villas Phuket, Santhiya Resort Natai, Baba Beach Club Natai, Aleenta Resort Phuket, and Jivana Beach Villas. Natai's ongoing development forecasts it to become the most prominent area in Phang Nga within the next decade, ensuring substantial returns on investment for owners.
Pool Villa in Thailand
Hideaway Natai: A Sanctuary of Luxury
Inspired by the abundant natural beauty and surrounding seascapes, Hideaway Natai offers exceptional pool villas designed in harmony with their environment. Developed with European standards, these villas cater to foreigners seeking a property away from the crowds yet close to Phuket International Airport and the vibrant nightlife scene of Phuket.
Hideaway Natai uniquely combines all possible uses of real estate, for flipping, for long-term ownership, for full or partial personal use, or for long-term or seasonal rental.
Why Partner With Us?
At RealPool, we prioritize transparency and diligence in property analysis, ensuring each project is thoroughly vetted to mitigate risks. While Natai Hideaway may not boast the flashiest presentation, its true value shines through, earning it a commendable 8.6 rating out of 10 in RealPool's assessment.
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We've shouldered the primary risk, yet the sweetest rewards are still up for grabs for you – especially as we engage with developers at the pre-construction stage.
We've locked in the villa costs for RealPool Partners during this pre-construction phase.
Moreover, the project has already progressed to its third stage.
For our partners, there's an array of benefits. We'll handle long-term residency arrangements in Thailand for you and provide advice on tax optimization strategies.
Our investment pool awaits only four partners now – act swiftly to secure your spot!
Total land surface 516 m2 — 620 sq.m. / 5550 sq. ft. — 6675 sq ft
Total living inside area starts from 330 sq.m. / 3500 sq. ft. (parking area, storage, open kitchen, and equipment are not included)
Total terrace area 280 sq.m. sq. ft. / 3000 sq. ft.
Pool deck 54,2 sq.m.
Pool surface 45,9 sq.m.

Ask Investor's  offer and save up to 100K USD
Natai Villas Sustainability Features
Gravity-Powered Plumbing

The villas are equipped with energy-efficient water systems that harness the power of gravity to reduce energy consumption.
Natural Ventilation and Airflow

Our villas are strategically designed to facilitate natural airflow. This means villa owners can enjoy refreshing sea breezes, thereby significantly reducing the need for air conditioning.
Segregated Waste Collection

Each villa features an easy to use and effective waste separation system, allowing owners to recycle glass and plastic materials.
Natural Bacterial Recycling of Organic Waste

Each villa has its own organic waste recycling system, using active bacteria and reliable engineering to safely process waste into soil without harming the environment.
Solar Energy

For an additional cost, homes can be equipped with the latest solar energy systems, allowing you to minimize energy consumption.
In standby mode, energy consumption will tend to be zero.
Nevertheless, the security and video surveillance systems, the smart home system, fans, refrigerators, and other electrical appliances will be satisfied.
Continuous Surveillance of Your Home

Your home will always be monitored using minimal energy consumption so you can rest assured that you're contributing to sustainable energy practices.
Feel free to reach out to us for more details on this project's sustainability features.
Construction progress:
April 1st
May 11th
June 11th
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Investment Pool Limited to 4 Partners - Act Now!
With only 4 villas available in our investment pool, seize the opportunity to secure your stake in this exceptional project. Don't miss the chance to live the good life in Thailand's hidden gem and highly effective investment opportunities, though.
Properties Investments Contracts will be finalized on September 15, 2024.
To qualify for this Deal Day and receive special conditions, please submit your request before August 1.