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Safely invest in real estate projects around the world -
Don’t live your zone of comfort
Take it easy
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How it works
A single buyer or investor doesn’t have the money to qualify for special purchase conditions, but a group of investors can pool their money together and easily qualify.
For example, if you have $200K, and you join a group of other investors, each with $200K, $300K, $500K or more, you could potentially have MILLIONS of dollars available, which radically changes the possibilities to get under market pricing and special conditions when buying property.

The RealPool.me startup, an app and a web service offering open investment pools for buying properties around the world as part of a group of investors
  • scouts property projects
  • deep analyze
  • due diligence
  • forecasts
  • deals with developers
  • creates Investment Pool
  • resales properties
With realpool.me you do not invest in stocks or bonds.
You are a property owner, and free to dispose it in any way you want.
Take a global opportunities
We provide investors the opportunity to securely invest in new and rebuilt properties across the globe: Thailand, Montenegro, Italy, Spain, the US and so one
It should be kept in mind that the preparation of each property project for investments takes 1+ month of hard work of a group of experienced people, and costs between $25K and $100K depending on the country and circumstances.
Being a realpool.me Subscriber, you got access to variety of properties to invest, we've already prepared them for you. It means that you significantly save your money and time. Just choose an object and get in
Big advantage
Investors & Developers Values
donkey work was done
Every investment is made possible by a hard-working team of scouts, real estate experts, and lawyers that handle all the details using our method for your successful investments
THE offer you get is always exclusive
Because we bring together just 3 to 15 investors in each investment pool. Get an offer, and don’t miss out on some of the most favorable conditions in buying real estate
Quick sales for developers
We are equally valuable for both the Investors and the Developers. Unique opportunities that the Developers got from RealPool.me are direct and inexpensive sources of project financing and additional expertise from us
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Seize the opportunity to be a part of a unicorn project from the very beginning
· SOM in Subscribers for 3rd year forecast. from: 150,000 Observers/ 50,000 Investors /10,000 Visionaries
· SOM in Property deals (Investment pools) from: 1,000 annually
Looking to invest in RealPool on pre-seed?
RealPool.me is a startup. So we've manage to create an app and website for you to invest easily just how it should be in the 21st century. For the time being, we still carry out the processes manually, but it is a good opportunity to check how it works. We have 5+ investment pools to invest right know. Don't miss them out

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